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Bratdogz Pet Spa is a Full-Service Professional Grooming Salon with over 24 yrs in the industry. We focus on customer service and listening to what the customer needs are for their pets.

We like to believe that Grooming your pet is above all, most important to have the animals that come in are treated with respects and of course the love they deserve. We are very honored to be trusted with your furry family member, and we will accommodate them with whatever the owner requests (within reason).

When we focus on all that, its bound to be a great experience for you, your pet and our staff.

We love our work and animals and couldn’t be happier about serving this community with quality workmanship of love.

Thinking about a Lucrative Career working with animals?

Grooming Professionally may be right up you alley. Unfortunately there are not many (or any) schools that teach proper grooming skills in all aspects. They teach basic techniques for fast money. Treating animals as a production line rather than the care they deserve and the client would expect. Shaving dogs down with no creativity involved that requires time and imagination (AKA skill).

I’ve been grooming for close to 30 years and I feel I and others like me are a dying breed in the industry. I would like to pass on, and teach a willing party my craft. Not just shave dogs, but… Show grooms, hand scissoring, and hand shipping are all part of knowing the Full spectrum of this field. Tuition will be $5200.00 (It’s the same amount I paid back in 1993 @ Tara Lara K-9 Academy).

This will cover all tools, my knowledge, and hands on training you will receive.

There is no pay or commission until you can complete a full groom on your own.

Repetition is key to learning as well as hands on, so a full time schedule/student is recommended. Only one student at a time will be permitted. If interested, please call 503-657-0319. A class will begin in Jan 2020.

Last day to Apply 12/20/19 (Need time to order tools).