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Dog & Pet Grooming at Bratdogz Pet Spa LLC

At Bratdogz Pet Spa LLC in Oregon City, OR, we do more than just clip a few tufts of fur. We’ll give your dog the full dog spa and style treatment, brushing and nail clipping the fur until he or she looks like the best in the show! Your dog will look better and feel better after Bratdogz Pet Spa LLC! We understand that not all dogs enjoy dog grooming. Fortunately, our pet groomer knows all the tricks to get even the fidgetiest dog to sit down and endure the process. Our dog salon professionals are the experts when it comes to full-service pet grooming! If you’re interested in getting dog grooming services, we can help. Bratdogz Pet Spa LLC is proud to serve the canine community of Oregon City, OR and beyond!

Our Specialties Include

  • Show Grooms
  • Custom Grooms
  • Hand Scissoring
  • Hand Stripping
  • All clips custom
  • Customer service

Quality over quantity also serves us as it makes for a stress-free, clean, peaceful environment. We never try to overbook (although it does happen from time to time), because it affects the staff and the pets’ energy. And it’s so much better to spend time with them on the Grooming table so we can get to know them of their individual personalities, so book an appointment today and your pet will leave here looking and feeling great with a “tail wagging strut!”. Cats may have a different view as they Often Do.


Full Grooms

Small $ 40 and up

Medium $ 55 and up

Large $ 65 and up

These are Base Quotes only

All hand scissoring & excessive brushing
de-matting is extra ie: candition of coat

Poodle Quotes

Mini, Toy, Goldendoo, Labadoo &anp; standard

Small $ 44 and up

Medium $ 55 and up

Large $ 75 and up

Tea cup poos may be less

Bath & Tidy

Small $ 30 and up

Medium $ 40 and up

Large $ 50 and up


Short hair $ 50 and up

Long hair $ 65 and up

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